I start every painting from the farthest point away and work forward. I am writing this artist bio the same way.

Art has always been in my life. From making paper doll clothes at 3 and 4 to the only good grades (art class) I ever got in public school. In my 20’s with 3 small kids and limited income, I gave my drawings and paintings as gifts to family and friends. In my 30’s and 40’s I put a few paintings and prints in local shops but the market was off and I returned to work full time.

In my 50’s I got a little more serious about going public. I joined some art leagues and won Best in Show in my first and second group shows. Success yes, but I could not warm up to the competitive, formal world of “showing” my work. So I stopped. I got a lot of criticism for not seeking a portfolio full of good reviews and “Bests”, but that was my choice.

Needing to work full time in my 50’s and 60’s limited my sales options but I kept painting. I was able to retire a few years ago and I’m ready once again to share my work.

Now in my 70’s I know some things. I know art will always be my second language. I don’t want to win awards or fame (frankly I don’t like the attention). And I believe strongly in affordable art.

I hope you like them.