I am a realistic acrylic painter. Often I like to lace realism with some magic and wonder, like giant moons or fairy sized children placed among flower stems. I am inspired by light, color and the emotion of an exact moment in time. I feel the satisfaction of abundance in a colorful pile of harvested pumpkins and a cool quiet solitude in a peaceful full moon. I often use my own photos as reference, enlarging them to the exact size of the painting. This allows good reference to detail, which often results in a photorealistic painting.

Most of my paintings are parts of a larger something. While I find a whole landscape overwhelming, at the same time I find the twisted branch of a tree within the landscape, intriguing

With the exception of a few drawing classes in college, many, many years ago, I am self-taught. I have won awards at local competitions, had a few solo and group shows and have paintings and prints in private collections in California, Europe and South Africa.

I live in a log home in Connecticut and have recently retired from a Social Services career. Because my mission is to make affordable art, in addition to the original painting, I offer my art as prints, some of which are limited edition.